Fish Burritos

???????????????????????????????????????Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today I am grateful for fish burritos.  We have a great restaurant in our region that’s in an old train station.

They have wonderful outside seating,  with chairs big enough for my ass to breathe and not think it’s on a puddle-jumper-flight-to-hell.  The outside area is covered so it can pour pitchforks or be bright and sunny and you are automatically protected. 

Sometimes while you’re sitting there having lunch, a train comes past on the opposite track, transporting you back to a long ago time when train travel was popular in our country.  I wish it still was.  We pretended to be in Salzburg, Austria today.  My husband’s never been there so I explained the streets and gardens to him.  He gets to pick where we’ll go next time.

But the best are the fish burritos.  Someday I might try something else, but then I think of that fish burrito, blackened, wrapped with red cabbage and a slightly spicy sauce and I just can’t do it.  Today it was so satisfying, along with the side salad with all home grown veggies, that I ate the salad and half the burrito and took the other half home.  I’m grateful I can have it again tomorrow.  Yummmmmmyyyyyyy!

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