Bliss - ostrich head in sandSunday, August 10, 2014

Today I am grateful for bliss.


In the recent news there is fighting in most of the world and oh by the way we’re now dropping bombs in Iraq. . .again.  Afghanistan is a mess.  There are mud slides burying people, vehicles and homes; the weather is of biblical proportions all over the place.  A race car driver mowed down another driver on the race course; another plane catches fire and has to abort take-off; people are arrested for killing their spouses and/or children; animals are being left in hot cars to boil to death; race riots are pulsing to break out in various parts of the country; veterans can’t catch a break; some rich idiot has gotten the brilliant idea to allow his cronies to purchase parks so we can further deface our world by mining the only pure spots left; the rich get richer; the poor get angrier; bridges and general infrastructure is crumbling; football has started and baseball will never end; the economy sucks; my economy sucks more; there are seven cases of rabies in my county; and it’s National S’mores Day.  Really?  We need a day dedicated to s’mores?  I’m done.  Just for today I’m done.


It is said that ignorance is bliss and today I am grateful for bliss.  I’m taking a lesson from my sister and sticking my head in the sand. The weather is the only good news so I’m off to my happy place. . . with a book.

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