Coloring Friends

Coloring with Betty -bestSaturday, August 9, 2014

Today I am grateful for coloring friends.  Yesterday afternoon I opened my new box of 120 Crayola crayons.  The house was blissfully quiet and the windows were opened to a warm, not hot, summer breeze.  I had just started coloring when a good friend dropped by for a chat.


“Hi!  I’m coloring,” I said, as she walked in the door.  “You want something to drink?”

“Not now,” she said, not skipping a beat.  “I love to color.”  She chose a picture, sat down across from me and began.   We colored together for a long time, catching up on families, news and life.  I didn’t slap her for not putting the colors back and she didn’t slap me for saying I would slap her if she didn’t put the colors back.  We played nice.


She relayed stories about how her sister and other adults would be coloring with the little ones and not notice until hours later that the kids had moved on to something else and the adults were still coloring.  I love that.


When we were finished and the pictures were taken, we need to replenish our spent energy because coloring is hard work.  We moved on to strawberry’s dipped in chocolate syrup and strawberry/kiwi vodka on ice.  Hey, we had to have something to go with the strawberries, didn’t we?  It was a perfect match, just like we are.


Coloring is peaceful, relaxing and fun.  But coloring with a friend is perfect and I am grateful.

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