newspapers on stoopMonday, August 04, 2014

Today I am grateful for surprises.  Often I write these missives the day before, then edit and post in the morning.  But I was too busy yesterday and today I woke up with nothing.  A totally blank slate.  Not one brain cell clicking.


I never have writer’s block because life is too interesting and for over a year the gratitude’s just come to me without my forcing them so I have confidence that something will be there when the time is right.   So I puttered around reading yesterday’s newspaper, which I didn’t have time for yesterday because I was dissecting and cleaning the refrigerator for most of the day while doing five loads of laundry in my spare time.  Then I touched up the paint dings in the kitchen and crossed that off the Duty List I comprised a few days ago.  Okay, so what’s my point?  I’m getting there.


I stuck the water in the microwave, got a cup, tea bag and my breakfast ready to nuke when the water was hot.  Sound like your morning pattern?  I opened the front door to go out to the driveway and get the newspapers. There they were on my stoop.


The newspapers aren’t delivered to my stoop.  They are carelessly thrown onto the driveway, sometimes in the road.  But for the last few months they have miraculously been appearing on the stoop. . .ever since my new neighbor moved in.  I know it’s him.

I haven’t seen him actually do it, but I know.


Each time the papers are there I smile.  Each and every time.   It’s such a little thing.  Yet huge.  Sometimes I get up very early and the paper is still in the driveway.  When I go out to get mine. . .I also get my neighbors.  Then I put it on HIS stoop.  It’s a silly game.  I know he’ll be surprised.  And probably grateful.  And I bet he smiles.  BING!  Heartprint!

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