Last Letter from Winnie

Winnie trying to napSaturday, August 02, 2014

Hey kids,

Okay, this is my last letter because in a couple of days you’ll be here to give me some relief from Camp Grand-Ma-Pa, and boy do I need it.


Today grandma got it in her head that the place looks like gypsies live in it so they are cleaning.  Can’t a pup just catch a day of naps?  Holy smokes!  They already have that blasted vacuum out and it’s staring at me, getting ready to roar.  I hate that thing.  Whatever happened to a nice quiet broom?


Grandpa got out the feather duster that looks like one of those bunnies only without the cool ears, so I had to kill it again.  It just won’t stay dead.  Then when grandma was done washing floors, she blocked them off so I couldn’t even go in and do a slip ‘n slide on them.  These two have a very questionable sense of humor!


Grandma and grandpa are okay, but come pick me up soon.  I miss tearing through our big house and jumping on your heads in the morning.  Grandpa doesn’t think that’s funny at all.  Poor old guy!

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