3rd letter from Winnie

Matt Page's house - winnie & black bunny Matt Pages house-white bunny & winnie Matt Pages house - rooster & hens Matt Pages house - the CATFriday, August 1, 2014 – 3rd letter from camp.

Hi Kids,

After we left that park in the wilderness, I figured these two old folks would go home and sleep.  That’s sure what I wanted to do.  But no!  Instead we stopped at this really tall, good lookin’ guy’s house because he bought a new jeep and they wanted to go Oooo and Ahhh over it.  It was just a black jeep so I don’t see what the big deal was, but I had to go along cuz I was their hostage.


The only thing is that this guy had really cool stuff at his house.  Grandma carried me into the back yard and there were these sort of cages on the ground.  One had a big, black fuzzy thing with long ears and a short, puffy tail.  It tweaked its nose at me and I tried to chase it through the cage.  I barked, but it didn’t bark back.  The other one was white but he didn’t like me so much.  Two others were brown and gray and I thought they were really cute and I bet we could have had fun if I could have figured out how to bust them out of their bunny hutches.  They kept running into their house like they were afraid, but I know they were just messing with me.


Then there were these feathery things that walked around on two legs, clucking at everything.  One of them was really big and had this red waxy looking thing on the top of his head.  He was a boy and had a huge tail.  He was the boss of the other feathery things.  I tried to have a race with them, but grandma wouldn’t let me off the leash so they won.  I’d a caught them if I had wings, too, and could flap like that!


Just as we were about to leave a big yellow dog flew out of their house.  Scared the poop out of me.  I thought I was his lunch!  I made a Maypole of grandpa with my leash because I was so scared!  He was trussed up like a turkey at Thanksgiving.  A little girl picked me up so that was good.  But holy smokes, that dog was BIG.  Everyone kept saying what a gentle dog he was, but I thought he was just rude and showing off.  I let him sniff my nose when we were leaving the back yard, but I gotta tell you, I couldn’t wait to get back in the car.  I expected grandpa to be scared and hop over the fence but he just stood there petting the beast and calling him a good boy.  Good?  What was grandpa thinking?


I’m just about to the car, thank Marmaduke (which is dog for thank God), so what do I see as I’m prancing down the driveway?  A cat!  A really pretty cat!  I tried to be friendly, but this cat stood sideways on her tippy toes and made snake noises at me, hissing in my face.  She puffed up bigger than a dandelion that has gone to seed and her tail looked like it belonged to a squirrel, instead of a cat.  Geeze.  I only wanted to play a little.  No one ever wants to play with me except that big yellow dog and I’m not having any of that!  Cats have really bad attitudes.  I gotta remember that.  Pretty much I thought all those guys at that house were just plain cranky.


Well, that’s about all I’ve been up to.  I hope you are having as much fun as I am.  I have to go to bed now because I’m exhausted from playing with grandpa all the time.  He just can’t get enough attention.  I’m kinda glad grandma took some pictures so I can share them with you, but don’t tell her that.  She didn’t get one of that yellow beast because she was trying to save my life!  Camp Grand-Ma-Pa’s isn’t bad, but I miss you.  Come and get me!


Winnie, Your favorite dog!

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