LightingMonday, July 28, 2014

Today I am grateful for lighting.  Hey, I’m not planning on “walking into the light” and kicking the bucket, but who knows, the day is young.  I’m talking about turning up the light if things seem dark to you, or finding it if it’s missing you.  Metaphorically.  Or physically if that helps, too.


I went to a wonderful high school production that our son, Matthew was in a long, long time ago, but I still remember what happened and it didn’t have to do with him.  The show was “Anything Goes”.  The girl who was singing the title number, the show-stopper, the take-away tune, had a great voice and could move.  Except she moved out of her spotlight.  Or was the light supposed to follow?  I was never sure which.  There was a lot of flubbing around with the follow spot until it finally settled and followed her in a horizontal pattern as she moved across the large stage.  Shining on her knees.  She did the whole number with the light only on her knees.


Why she didn’t just sit to get in that light, I’ll never know.  Young, I guess.  I would have crawled across the stage, singing and emoting and it would have brought the house down.  No one leaves Mary in the dark!  I can find “my light” in a parking lot.


From now on, when I feel a little out of sync and find myself spiraling into a personal pity party I’m going to realize it’s because I wandered out of my light.  Sometimes it’s as simple as one step to get back in the follow-spot.  Other times I might have to turn that light off for a little bit to re-set.  I am grateful that I’m where I am supposed to be when I’m back in the light.  What about you?  Are you in your light?

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