Final JeopardySunday, July 27, 2014

Today I am grateful for the TV game show, Jeopardy.  All of the experts say in order to not completely lose your mind as you age, you should challenge your brain with puzzles and game shows.


Ever since we had the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capacity added to our TV, we record Jeopardy.  Every night.  That way not only can we watch it when we feel like it, commercial free, we also stand a prayer at getting an answer correct.


John tried playing Wii Jeopardy with one of our sons and didn’t hit the buzzer first once.  He knew the questions, but tanked on the buzzer response.  That’s why I’m in charge of the “pause” button.  A question comes up that we think we might possibly, by some remotest chance know the answer to and I hit PAUSE!  Fast.  I’m very fast.  To hit pause!  While Alex and the contestants remain frozen, we discuss amongst ourselves.  Usually, between us, we can figure out the answer.  Here’s a sample.  Final Jeopardy question.


Me:  I have no clue what that clue means.

Him: It’s a one word character who’s now in the dictionary.

Me:  Yeah, I can read, but I still don’t get it.

Him:  Probably a Disney character.

Me:  Bambi

Him:  You think?

Me:  Mulan

Him:  Are they in the dictionary?

Me:  I have no clue.

Him: Back it up so we can read the question again.

Me:  It says, Oxford dictionary.  Probably it’s British.

Him:  That could be true.  But what?

Me:  You watch all those Harry Potter things.  Isn’t there something in them?

Him:  Yeah, wait. . . lemme think. . .I got it!

Me:  What?

Him:  Almost.  Gimme another minute.  (smell of a burning brain)

Me:  (humming theme song)

Him:  Muggles!  It’s muggles!  Hit play!


Sure enough.  It was Muggles.  We air-high-five at our brilliance.  Too bad it’s only possible through the modern technology of record/pause.  So thank you, Jeopardy, for saving our dwindling, aging brain cells.  We are grateful. . .even if it takes a while.

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