Pickle Recipes



Be aware that these are simply the recipes my grandmother and mother used to can pickles.  If you have never done any canning before, please go on-line to learn the in’s & out’s, so that you will have successful result.  Also be aware that some of these recipes seem to use a lot of salt and vinegar, but my mom insists that’s what keeps them crispy. 



6 quarts pickles – Wash and jam into clean quart jars tightly.

Dill – fresh stalks.  You cannot use too much dill! Jam the dill into the jars in the open spaces between the pickles.  Use every part of it except the roots, being sure that each jar has a little of the bloom.


BRINE – Cold – Stir well until all salt disolves: 

10 Cups water

3 Cups white vinegar

1 Cup or at least ¾ Cup canning salt (be sure to use canning salt or the jars will weep in storage and your pickles will spoil.


Pour brine over prepared pickles.  Soak lids and rings.  Wipe the rim of the quart jar with a clean, wet cloth.  Put a lid on and screw a ring onto it.  Place in COLD water canner and cook until they lose their grassy green color.


BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES – Yield – 7 pints

Use a food slicer with a thin cut for this recipe.

Slice the following & put in large covered pot:

2 dozen large cucumbers

1 large green pepper

3 onions

Soak in:

½ Cup canning salt

4 Cups water

     for at least one hour, preferably overnight.


3 Cups white sugar

1 pint white vinegar

1 tsp each of:

            Salt, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, mustard seed, celery salt.

Heat gradually and cook until satisfied that the grass green color has left all of the pickles.  Put in jars and seal according to canning methods.



As with many older recipes, this one does not state how many pickles are used.  If you have a lot, you might have to make more brine.  My mom cut these about ½ inch thick.

Slice pickles and jam tightly into jars.

Boil together:

1 Cup sugar

1 Cup white vinegar

1 tsp celery seed

1tsp canning salt

1 tsp mustard seed

Pour over pickles, clean jar rim, put lids and rings on and process in hot water until the pickles change color, losing their grass green color.



Because they were so abundant, this recipe did not list exactly how many pickles were used, but it’s about 5 quarts.

Slice pickles in quarters lengthwise & cut onions in chunks.  Soak overnight in ice water in the fridge.

Put in jars lengthwise with onion chunks

Bring to a BOIL:

1 quart white vinegar

3 Cups sugar

½ Cup canning salt

Pour hot brine over pickles in jars. 


1 tsp mustard seed

1 tsp celery seed

Wipe rims, put lids and rings on.  If they do not seal from the heat of the brine, process in hot water bath, 5 minutes.





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