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Pickle jarsFriday, July 25, 2014

Today I am grateful for home canning.  My favorite thing to can, back in the day when I was “in” to being Susie Homemaker, was pickles.  Hated picking them, loved canning them.  Especially dill pickles.   I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for the old recipes, so I will be posting pickle recipes on my blog: https://heartprintsdotcom.wordpress.com/


My mom would make bread ‘n butter pickles which I hated when I was young, but love now.  Go figure.  Those you slice very, very thin, add onions, and that brine has enough sugar and spices to make anything good.


When I was talking with my mom about pickle recipes and the gardening posts, she laughed and said, “I saw an ad for cucumbers for 88 cents. . .a piece!  Ridiculous.  If I’d have had to pay for those vegetables by the bushel it would have cost a fortune to can them.  Only can if you have a garden or get them free when someone else is sick of looking at them!”  I agree with my mom.  This once.


There is no peeling involved, or even slicing for dill pickles if you don’t want to.  They only need a good scrubbing and they are ready to stuff into jars.  You jam them in very tightly because they shrink when you process them.  All you have to add is a big stalk of dill from the patch behind the garage on grandma’s farm and cram it tightly in between the crowded pickles.  The more dill, the better the pickles.  Add the brine, seal up, shove ‘em in the boiling pot and voila!


They start out Kelly green and are done when they turn Army green.  Pickles all winter!  Great pickles.  I get pickles all winter now, too.  From the store!

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