?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sunday, July 20, 2014

Today I am grateful for anniversaries.  One year ago from today, I wrote my first gratitude.  I did not post the very first ones because I had no clue how to navigate Facebook, but I have written, “Today I am grateful for. . .” every day, 365 days, for one year.  Every single day.  Did you get that, yet?  I’m blown away by it.  I wish I could find that big of a commitment with food every day!  Except writing is more fun than counting points, calories, fat, carbohydrates and fiber!  A lot more fun!


This is what I wrote on July 20, 2013:

“Today I am very grateful for friendships.  Some of them are old, some new.  Some are intense, others more casual, but each has an important place in my life.”


I’m still grateful for friends old and new, only now I’m more verbal about it!  Ha-Ha, which is older people talk for LOL!  Now, with the help of my niece, Molly Adrianson, I’m on Facebook; my blog is accessible through my local newspaper, The Reporter; I post to two on-line newspapers, Patch and The Alternative Press.  For me, that kind of commitment is huge.


People ask what I do with myself now that I’m retired.  I still don’t have enough time!  How can that be?  So many books to read.  So many paintings to paint.  So many stories to write.  So many places to go.  Notice I’m not listing cleaning toilets, cleaning closets, or doing floors!  Time is wonderful.  Time is cruel.  Time is constant.  I never get any more hours in a day and some days I just want more.  I suppose it’s like money. . .if you have little, you want more.  If you have a lot, you want more.  Human nature.  The saying goes “I have more time than money.”  I don’t have more of anything except hips!  But it’s all good.


Paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary.  Hmmmmm.  My goal was to do this for a year. . .to not censor myself. . .to shoot from the hip. . . be real.  I knew some people would follow for a while, then drop away.  I knew others would hang with me for the duration.  It’s okay, either way, but now I have decisions to make. I was told by literary agents that no one would even discuss representing me unless I built a platform.  So I did.  Is it enough?  Now what? An agent?  A book?  Would anyone buy it?  Would anyone read it?  Do I have enough to say?  Are you sick of being in my twisted head, yet?  Sometimes I am!  I’m struggling with my direction from here.  Can you tell?


I am grateful for this anniversary and every single moment, every experience and every single person who has ever read my posts.  Thank you.  You feed me!

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