Natural Texture

mushroom, rock, tree, best exposureFriday, July 18, 2014

Today I am grateful for natural texture.  There are many forms of texture.  There is texture in personalities, in houses, in foods and in hair.  I like all of them.  To me, life without texture would be boring.  Except for the news.  I could stand less texture in the news.


So today, instead of commenting on horrific news in various parts of this insane world which seems to be falling apart more every minute, I’m going to focus on the simple textures I see every day.  Like the sheen on a child’s wet hair in the sunny pool; or the way the light shines through my patio umbrella, making it look like wheat-thins; or the way an ant carrying a load twice its size maneuvers the stucco; or the slippery seeds in the tomato I cut for my breakfast.


Simple textures abound in nature, so today I am grateful for a simple, lone mushroom, hiding behind a tree in a friend’s garden.  Watch whatever news you must, then disconnect.  Please.  Find something to look at, or listen to, or read, or eat that gives you a sense of peace.   Your day will be better for it.

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