Today I am grateful for PBS. Every so often I stumble upon something on my local PBS station that I can’t let go of.

Last night I was poking around on the computer and found myself unable to concentrate on the movie I had on, so I clicked to PBS and listened to Judy Collins: Live in Ireland. Wow. She’s 73. Double wow!

They advertise this as a “pure” American folk interpretation of Irish classics, which is funny because that’s the exact word I was hearing in my head as I listened. Pure. What greater compliment can any singer be given? She is a true professional, using just the right amount of banter between numbers. Hitting each note dead-smack-on, with perfect pitch. “How are things in Glocca Morra?” was a particular favorite. It sounded like a sparkling, crystal-clear chandelier gently moving in a warm, soft, ocean breeze. When she sang “Danny Boy” I turned it up and before it was over my husband was heading down the steps, probably bawling as much as me. I couldn’t see through the tears. We had both abandoned all hope of multi-tasking! Perfection.

I don’t remember being a fan of Judy Collins, nor do I remember disliking her. I was ambivalent. Now I’m grateful for PBS. They reminded me of her pure, rich, easy sound

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