Social Life

Social Life

Today I am grateful for a social life. I’m very late to the computer today because I’m such a social butterfly. What a wonderful problem to have! I’d be late to the computer every day if an active social life was the trade-off.

Last night I went to a play in Philadelphia with a friend. We got there in time to grab a snack of mussels and spinach salad in a great, big-city-restaurant, with high windows and interesting people to gawk at. Then off to the play and afterwards a couple of drinks in the bar at a fabulous old hotel to do the talk-down. Sometimes our talk-down is better than the actual play. Most times. We got home at one in the morning. I wasn’t even tired.

I woke up at 7:15 and knew I had to go to water aerobics because the evil waitress at the bar last night gave us each a hot-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie. I wasn’t going to eat it. Then I popped open the little paper envelop and smelled it. Big mistake. I went to water aerobics.

It’s the last Friday of the month so there is a group of water rats who meet nearby for breakfast after class. I wasn’t going to go because I had plans for lunch, but I was peer-pressured into going anyway. It didn’t take a lot of pressure. I had coffee. Only coffee. Honest. I didn’t even pick the crumbs off of anyone’s plate! I thought of it, though, which is beyond pathetic. The conversation was so stimulating and stupid and funny and interesting that I didn’t want it to end. I don’t know the last names of any of these people and I only know the first names of a few. It was a blast. I left there just in time to get to my lunch.

I know one of the women at lunch very well and the other two I’m getting to know much better, but I don’t know their last names, either. I don’t even have to. It was also a laugh-fest of foolishness and kidding. It’s never been difficult for me to chat up people. I worried I’d feel isolated in retirement without the daily interaction of work people. Hah! Fat chance! Ain’t gonna happen at this rate. Yea!

Retirement is great. Having a social life is even better and I’m very grateful. It’s the best kind of exhaustion.

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