Pool Closed

Pool Closed

Today I am grateful that the pool blew a pump and is closed today. I love the water classes. I love teaching the kids after the classes. I love chatting with all of the great people there. But today I just feel like I need a little break from it.

I’m surprisingly not sore from my Zumba incident yesterday, so that’s good, but the thought of getting wet today with it being so, so cold again today just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m a broken record longing for Spring.

Every weekday morning I rush around to get my breakfast, make the bed, empty the dishwasher, post the blog, etc. before I leave for the pool. Sometimes I get it all done, sometimes I don’t. Classes start at 8:45 or 9, depending on the day. Today I’m going to give myself the luxury of poking around, taking my time, reading the whole newspaper, showering in my own shower with really hot water, a warm room and my own gunk on the floor, not the gunk of strangers. Ah, bliss.

I have to go. I have started a new book and I have a lot of “doing nothing” to get done this morning with the pool closed.

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